Three strategies NFT Projects can use to bridge the gap between Web2 and Web3.

Adjacent Partnerships

The best way for Web2 companies to adapt to Web3 is to partner with an NFT project with an adjacent audience. The most straight forward strategy is through token gated e-commerce using pre-existing services such as Shopify that have these tools built in.

Ensure Web2 customers can purchase Web3 products

The solution is to utilize credit card payment front ends that can take care of crypto transactions on the back end. Companies like Winter offer simple-code services that allow users to purchase crypto based NFTs with ease.

Successful Business > Degenerate NFT Project

For an NFT Project to be successful long term it needs to be a legitimate business. NFTs are the technology behind the business but it is not THE business. They are a Web3 tool to advance an already solid business plan.


There is a lot of quick flip NFT projects that don't survive long and won't help us transition to Web3. As members of the NFT community we should look to projects employing the above strategies to take us to Web3. 

Written by Garett Martocello 
Co-Founder, Bacon Club


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