NEW: NFT Holders get a free Bacon Box!

Starting today, all Bacon Club NFT holders are eligible to redeem a free Bacon Box! Simply go the Bacon Club store, connect your wallet, pick your flavor, and order! We're covering the shipping too so no payment needed!

All members, current and future, are eligible for the Bacon Box.

Each box contains 4 packs of bacon with 4 flavors to choose from

  • No Sugar Added Hickory Smoked Uncured Bacon
  • No Sugar Added Uncured Dry Rub Bacon
  • Uncured No Sugar Buckin' Bacon
  • Uncured Hickory Smoked Pepper Bacon

The limit is 1 Bacon Box per Bacon Club NFT. When you redeem the Bacon Box the Store will record the NFT and mark it as redeemed. If you try to use the same NFT again you won't be able to redeem. 

What if I have more then 1 NFT?

Our store will use the NFTs in numerical order for redemption (if you have Bacon Club NFT #1 and #2 the Store will use #1). To redeem another Bacon Box move the unused NFT (Bacon Club NFT #2) to a different wallet and you'll be able to order. 

pre-reveal nft animation

If I buy a Bacon Club NFT from a secondary market will I still be able to get the free Bacon Box?

As of right now the only way to check to see if an NFT has been used to redeem the Bacon Box is by having it in your digital wallet and checking with our Store. The best way to ensure that you're NFT is fresh and ready is to mint a new Bacon Club NFT here.  We'll have a solution to this soon so stay tuned. 

Already have a fresh Bacon Club NFT? Go get your Bacon Box!

When you receive it don't forget to post a pic and tag us on your favorite socials and include hashtags #BaconClub #BaconClubNFT #BaconBox. 



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