Bacon Club Store Officially Opens!

We are very proud to announce the Bacon Club Store is open! 

Our mission with Bacon Club has been to allow NFT holders the ability to purchase bacon using their NFTs and today we can officially say we've made it happen. 

We're opening the store up today with four types of delicious Pederson's Whole 30 bacon:

We’ve also got a super cool branded sweatshirt and mug for the crispiest members. 

The bacon is only available to NFT Holders but our merch is available for everyone, although holding a Bacon Club gets you some pretty tasty discounts.

We do want to note that this is only the beginning for Bacon Club and the Store. The Store opening is the verification of our concept and we’re super happy to say that we’re the first to do it. We’ll be onboarding more partnered products, merch, and of course, more bacon! 

Special thanks to all our Bacon Club members who minted their NFTs! 

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