The First Ever NFT
Based Bacon+ Delivery Service



NFT Holders can redeem their Bacon Box here!
Members can also order bacon, get limited merch and more.


Your Bacon Club NFT is your membership card into the club! Use your membership to get a box of bacon, unlock discounts, get airdrops (digital and IRL), and put yourself in the running for a chance to win a LIFETIME OF SUPPLY OF BACON


With your Bacon Club membership you get exclusive access to all these tasty benefits. We’re always adding more, so make sure to follow our socials for updates.

Bonus Airdrops

NFT holders will be dropped digital collectibles as well as specialty IRL bacon delivered to their door.

Special Discounts

Exclusive discounts at our future Bacon Club Pop-up restaurants, subscriptions, merch and partnered brand products. 


NFT Holders will have access to their own exclusive group on where they can mix it up with other Bacon Club Members, chat with the founders, and get dropped alpha before anyone else!

Free Bacon Box*

Every Bacon Club NFT is elgible to redeem a Bacon Box, shipping included. Redeem here!

Voting Rights

NFT Holders will be able to vote on meet-up locations, collabs, and more using member only polls.

Bacon For Life*

As an NFT Holder you have a chance of winning a Lifetime Supply of Bacon! Follow the Bacon Saga for more details.



We’re open for business! Mint your Bacon Club NFT and get your membership. Our store also opens with bacon delivery, merch and more!


All minted NFTs will be revealed! Every member will also be airdropped a bonus NFT and can claim their own limited edition physical bacon. 


We announce the winner of the Lifetime Supply of Bacon at Bacon Bash Texas! 


Follow the Chef’s story in his quest to create the world’s best tasting bacon! Stay tuned for updates! 


There are exactly 8,000 Bacon Club NFTs that encompass the Genesis Mint. 10 of these are 1 of 1 specialty NFTs. 7,990 are randomly generated upon minting on the Ethereum blockchain using 78 individual traits with varying levels of rarity. Each NFT is individual and unique, no 2 are the same. 

  • Pre-Reveal

    This is what your NFT looks like after you mint it and before it’s “revealed”.

  • Bacon Club NFT Reveal

    Your generative NFT and its traits and rarities are revealed!

  • Bacon Club NFT Airdrop

    These special NFTs given to Bacon Club NFT holders are not part of the Genesis Mint. They each hold special value and utility.


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What is Bacon Club?

Bacon Club is an exclusive club for bacon fans! Your membership comes with a bunch of super crispy benefits like collectible bacon, access to a rotating selection of curated meats, limited edition bacon products, and more! The best part is, your membership is an NFT! Meaning it's yours to own and is fully transferable to anyone you'd like to give it to. 

There are only 8000 NFTs available which means there are only 8000 memberships which makes YOUR membership pretty special. The only way to become a member of Bacon Club and get all the benefits is by owning one of our limited NFTs.

What does "Bacon+" mean?

Bacon+ is bacon plus curated meats, parterned products, merch and more!

What's an NFT?

NFT stands for Non-Fungible Token. In simple terms, it’s a cryptographic token on the blockchain that establishes ownership for an asset that is linked to it. For us, your NFT establishes your membership into the Bacon Club and all the benefits that come with it and is represented by a picture of a randomized breakfast plate.  

Your NFT is held in a digital wallet like Metamask. If you're not familiar with Metamask don't worry, we'll have easier ways for you to get your NFT using your email address. 

For a more detailed explanation of what an NFT is check out this super easy to understand 4 minute video (and then show off to your friends you know what an NFT is).

What does it mean to 'own' my membership?

It means your membership is yours to keep and do what you want with! Use for yourself, gift to a friend, re-sell, or whatever your heart desires. It's all possible because your membership is an NFT (and that's pretty cool). 

You see, your memberships to things like streaming services, food clubs, or your gym are not owned by you. You're simply paying a fee for those services and they are non-transferable, meaning you can't give the membership to anyone else and you're stuck with it, paying a continued price until you cancel. Now your Bacon Club NFT is owned by you, meaning you can transfer it (and all the benefits that go with it) to anyone else you want. Remember that there are only 8000 memberships so the fact that you own your membership with your NFT is pretty cool. 

So what happens if you give your NFT to someone else? Well you just gave your membership to that person and they're now a member of the Bacon Club. Unfortunately you will no longer be a member because you don't have the NFT in your possession but sharing is caring (plus you might be able to get another one if you want back in).

How many Bacon Club NFTs are there?

There will only ever be 8,000 unique Bacon Club NFTs.

What are the costs?

Bacon Club NFTs will be available for $200 for purchase with a credit card, or for the Ethereum equivalent if buying with crypto. 

The bacon drop and other drops (to be announced) are included in your membership at no cost to you. Make sure to check the qualifiers in the FAQ on Drops. Only available to US residents. 

The bacon subscription and other meaty items are available for purchase from our members only store at an additional price. The cost of these items, including shipping, is not included in your membership (we assure you it's worth it!).

How do I purchase a Bacon Club NFT?

You can head over to our Minting page, it's super easy!

What does minting mean?

Minting is the creation of the NFT. Using your
credit card or Ethereum to mint means you create the NFT, it doesn’t
exist before that, this is part of the fun of owning your NFT! 

Don’t be, this all happens behind the scenes and there’s nothing for
you to do. But hey now you know and can impress your friends! 

Am I able to resell my NFT?

Yes, there are secondary markets available on OpenSea and LooksRare.

Can I transfer my Bacon Club NFT to someone else?

Only the NFT holder is eligible for membership benefits. If you transfer
your NFT then you will transfer your membership and benefits as well.

What is Web3?

Web3 is the next evolution of the internet. It is widely considered to be the decentralized ownership of the internet. 

By owning a Bacon Club NFT you're taking part in Web3 because you own the rights and benefits that come with the NFT. 

What rights do I have as the owner of a Bacon Club NFT?

You get all the ever evolving list of benefits that come with your
membership! You also get full individual and commercial rights to the
art of the NFT. 

Are NFTs bad for the environment?

In September of 2022 the Ethereum blockchain
(where we run our NFTs) successfully migrated to what is called a Proof
of Stake system. This reduces the energy usage of all crypto and NFTs
running on the Ethereum blockchain by about 99%. That’s a pretty big win
for the environment and NFTs!

You can read more about Ethereum's energy consumption here.


These alliances make Bacon Club possible and allow us to achieve firsts in the NFT world.

  • Bacon Distribution

    We’ve partnered with Pederson’s Natural Farms to produce and distribute our IRL limited edition collectible bacon and fulfill our Whole30 approved pork products. Pederson’s is world renowned for quality humanely raised pork products. We are proud to have them as a partner.

    Read More 
  • Official IRL Mint Launch Partner

    Bacon Bash Texas proudly supports two charitable causes with ticket sales, auctions, merchandise purchases, and donations providing warm winter gear for homeless people across Texas AND by sending Children with Type One Diabetes to specialized Diabetes camps.
    10% Off Code: 'BACONCLUB'

    Get Tickets 
  • Non-Fungible Food Alliance

    Bacon Club is recognized as a FOUNDING MEMBER of the NFFA (Non-Fungible Food Alliance).

    The NFFA is a collection of NFT Projects in the food vertical that share cross-project utility and access to limited associated perks!

    Learn More 


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